Japan Analogue Series Pt. 1

October 29, 2017


Shame on me. It's been a year now since I lastly published a post and promised to blog more frequently (I published a post in August but it was more an emotional pouring out so that doesn't count). But I'm not feeling that guilty. I'm rather proud that I still come back to my blog and try to maintain it, even though it got more sporadic in the past few years, and that it's still alive, literally. 

Past few months were very turbulent. I won't write very much about it now since I already poured my heart out in a post on my new Instagram account, but yes, past few months were reaaally rough.  Many ups and downs. One highlight was my travel to Japan for five weeks with two of my closest friends. Even though Japan exceeded my expectations (it was beyond beautiful, I have no words for it), my time there was overshadowed by some personal problems. Some days were not easy for me, it was so hard to get out of bed, put a brave smile on my face and pretended to be ok. Hence many days just flickered past me. 

If I could I would go back in time and do it all better. But I guess that's how life works. It puts you in the most uncommon und uncomfortable situation when you at least expect it and you have to deal with it somehow. Either you deal with it in a graceful manner or you break under the weight of it all. For me it was the latter case. And I'm still broken. But this brokenness, this vulnerability also allows me to mend myself again, to learn how to pick myself up, how to take care of myself. It's hard but it's worth it. 

I look back to our trip in Japan with a tear in one eye and a smile in the other. I could not have choose a better place or people that so gently embraced my brokenness with all the warmth they could offer. Thank you so much.






I will probably post more analogue pictures I took in Japan. It was my very first time taking pictures with an analogue camera, but I will write more about it in the next blogpost. 

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